Listening practice

These are the two listening activities on your photocopy:
Global Warming
Hurricane season

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Environmental problems

Listen to six short news reports about environmental problems.

Click here to listen to a discussion about environmental issues.

Climate change/ The environment

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Natural disasters


Social networking sites

Facebook can be depressing because everyone else's lives are better than yours... But are they really?

1. Staying connected. 
Click here. Listen and take notes. Then listen and read the script.
2. Social media revolution. 
Watch the video and do the activities.



Watch the video and complete the conversation (check your answers in 'comments').

Phoebe: It's my bank.
Monica: What did they do to you?
Phoebe: I'm going through my mail and I open up their ________ (1) statement!
Ross: Easy!
Phoebe: And there's ________ (2) extra dollars in my ________ (3).
Chandler: Oh! Satan's minions at work again...
Phoebe: Yes, 'cause now I have to go down there and deal with them.
Joey: What are you talking about? ________ (4) it!
Phoebe: It's not ________ (5) . I didn't ________ (6) it. If I ________(7) it, it would be like ________ (8)!
Rachel: Yeah!, but if you ________  (9) it, it would be like ________ (10)!
Phoebe: Ok, Ok... Let's say I buy a really great pair of shoes. Do you know what I'd ________ (11) with every step I ________(12)? "Not mine, not mine..." Even if I ________  (13)happy and skipping, I'd ________ (14) "Not, not mine, not, not mine".
Monica: We're with you. We've got it.
Phoebe: Ok. I'd just never ________  ________  ________ ________ (15) it. It would be like this giant "karmic debt"...


Guía del candidato 2016

Click here and read about the exam in June (times, number of words, possible topics, evaluation sheets...)!!